Markup Languages for Complex Documents

Partial list of talks

Note that this list is not currently complete.


C.M. Sperberg-McQueen and Claus Huitfeldt. “Bootstrapping project-specific spell-checkers.” Digital Humanities 2019, Utrecht.

Abstract: (XHTML)

Slides: (XML), (XHTML).


C.M. Sperberg-McQueen and Claus Huitfeldt. “Interpreting difference among transcripts.” Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City.

Abstract: (HTML)

Slides / Diapositivas: English (XML), English (XHTML), Español (XML), Español (XHTML).

Handout / Volante: English, Español.


Huitfeldt, Claus, and Sperberg-McQueen, C.M.: “Transcriptional Implicature: Using a Transcript to Reason about an Exemplar”. Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal.

Abstract: (PDF)


Sperberg-McQueen, C.M., Marcoux, Yves, and Huitfeldt, Claus: “Transcriptional Implicature: A Contribution To Markup Semantics”. Digital Humanities 2014, Lausanne.

Abstract: (XHTML)

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